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We accept simultaneous submissions. 

Word counts

 Poetry: Limit 3 poems (5 pages total.)

Non/Flash/Fiction: 1,000 words total.

Artwork: Seeking covers for upcoming issues.
Send in Adobe or in a format that best showcases your work. 

publication agreement

  • Upon submission to Corvus Review, you agree to allow us to archive your work on our site (www.corev.ink) for an indefinite period of time.
  • Upon acceptance, edits to your work may be necessary. Prior to any major edits, an editor will be in touch.
  • The work you submit must be your own and you must own the rights to the work.
  • Contributors retain the rights to their work. Period. Corvus Review will never sell your work. Corvus Review will never publish your work without your permission. 

If you disagree with any information outlined here, please do not submit.

Published Magpies

Darren C. Demaree "Nude Male with Echo" Available from 8th House Publishing ISBN 9781926716565


"Darren C. Demaree’s collection Nude Male with Echo examines and challenges male vanity, power, and expectation.  While exploring the place of his gender in this world, Demaree’s attempt to expand upon the expectations of “what makes a man”, while drilling down into the artistic framework provided by the body and aging provides a new landscape for these modern questions. Nude Male with Echo, Demaree’s twelfth full-length collection, utilizes fresh language, energy, and abstraction to confront the typical arcs of his gender’s role in society.  These poems drag and batter “maleness” into what it is, a failing qualifier, and leaves us with the hope that it can be much more than what it has been in the past."


Kip Hanson "A Few Years in the Valley:..." Available on Amazon


"A Few Years in the Valley: Tales of Suicide, Old Dogs, and Blueberry Muffins is now available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback. It is a collection of previously published short and flash fiction stories, a number of which talk about suicide and other dark topics (some fun stuff in there too)."


Anne Leigh Parrish "Maggie's Ruse" Available on Amazon​


"Maggie and Marta Dugan, twenty-seven-year-old identical twins, live the good life in New York City on their stepfather’s money. Each has a glamorous calling. Maggie paints; Marta appears onstage. Success, though, eludes them. Marta’s roles are few and far between. Maggie’s endorsements are infrequent at best. When gallery after gallery passes on her work, she begins to doubt her talent. Home alone one afternoon, fueled by frustration, she is seized by a sudden, wild impulse to masquerade as Marta when a friend of hers drops by. The ruse is quickly discovered when Marta returns from another shopping spree, a rift between the sisters ensues, and they go their separate ways. But living apart proves harder than either thought at first. Each carries the other firmly within her, making any true independence nearly impossible. As the weeks pass, the weight of absence sometimes becomes difficult to bear."


Joe Oppenheimer "Us Against Altzheimers" Available on Amazon (Kindle and Hardcover)


"The story "Charlemagne," was originally published in Corvus on p. 71 in the Fall 2016 Review.  It has been anthologized in Us Against Alzheimer's: Stories of Family, Love, and Faith, (2019) ed. Marita Golden. New York: Arcade.  Charlemagne is a story about an elderly father, his pets, and his slow fall into dementia.  The volume, available at Amazon and elsewhere is published with the support of UsAgainstAlzheimers."


James Mulhern "Give Them Unquiet Dreams" Available on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback)


"In 1976, fourteen-year-old Aiden wants to free his mother from McCall's, a psychiatric institute outside of Boston. He's certain she's not schizophrenic because he also sees ghosts. His grandpa, whose spirit visits at night, tells him he must rescue his mom from "that shower of savages" at the hospital. "Like you, she has second sight. Your grandmother's ma also had the gift. She was demonized, and we can't let that happen to your mother.” Aiden enlists the help of his nana's old-lady friends, his brother Martin, and a cat named Arthur. Aiden has the foresight to know that everything will turn out okay, even though bad things may happen. They always do. Nana's advice that life demands we "keep calm and carry on" propels him as he is challenged by tragedies, unexpected twists of fate, and the spirit world."


Bear Kosik Work Available on Amazon

  Bear Kosik is a playwright and author of three novels and a book on the current state of democracy in the USA. His short fiction, poetry, blogs, plays, and essays have been published in various reviews, websites, and anthologies. 


Donna D. Vitucci "At Bobby Trivette's Grave" Available on Amazon (Kindle and paperback


 When you slam the door shut on your boyfriend’s pleas you don’t expect to never see his beautiful face again. A simple silly argument, you expect to get past it. You expect to love, fight, make up and love more. You’re young and there’s plenty of joy to come. But Bobby Trivette meets with a tragic accident in Kentucky’s back hills, and Dru Ann’s future turns to pure free fall. Her grief spiral sets everyone connected to her evaluating the ones they love and the ways they’ve lived in this small town of Paris, Kentucky, forever in the shadow and the spirit of the Cane Ridge Shrine.



 Author website: www.magicmasterminds.com/donnavitucci 

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